The Truth About Pain and Gain in the Martial Arts

You’ve heard that old saying, appropriate to the martial arts…’No pain, no gain.’
Of course, it is a lie.
If you work out your body to where you are tearing it apart, you’re foolish. A proper work out should be hard, rigorous, cause lots of sweat, result in fatigue, and be a lot of fun. But…it should not hurt.
I’m not going to lecture on this, I think I’ll slide to the side and tack in on what I want to say in a more devious fashion.
Do you want to hurt somebody? Not many of us do.
A few idiots, they’ll be on walkers and breathers towards the end of their lives, but the rest of us just want to be healthy. We freestyle for points, and not for pain. We walk away healthy, and not beat to an ugly mess. We smile with all our teeth.
Now, most martial arts schools understand this: people don’t pay to get mugged. And, schools, by virtue of being martial art schools, teach. Students will, and this is a no brainer, avoid pain and go for pleasure.
So, why do I write this?
Just to pat the smart on the back, and to encourage people to stay away from the no pain no gain mentality of the idiot few.
Sure, a few of us will win big bucks in an arena, and pay the price with crippled old age, less than stellar thinking ability, dull noodles, if you will.
But most of us are in it for the right reason. Health, self defense if necessary, making the most of our mortal bodies, and no danger to us or others.
I wish I had something more to say, but the truth is simple, and that’s the truth about pain and gain in the study of the martial arts. Drop by my website, Monster Martial Arts, if you want to learn faster, get stronger faster, be faster faster, be smarter faster, and…you know. Grin. And don’t forget to pick up the free book on the home page.

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