The True Hands On Transmission of Martial Arts Teaching

Martial Arts Weapon
I got into this subject of hands on transmission of martial arts the other day, in the newsletter, but I should probably say a little more.
There are several ways of passing on the martial arts. There is reading a book and just going out and doing them. There is taking lessons, in a class or private. There is Videos, DVD, and so on.
The problem, as I have been saying and solving for a number of years, is that it takes too much time.
Now, a human being is not a chair. He is not a cabinet nor even a computer. A human being is a perception. So, how fast can a perception learn?
The interesting thing is that when I did lessons, so many years ago, I went through the drills and the forms and the techniques, but I also had the joy of working with Bob Babich, and the result of working with him was a ‘hands on transmission of data.’
I would be going through forms on a far corner of the mat, and suddenly I would feel an electric shock go up my legs. I turned around, and I noticed that everybody else turned around, and we would see that Bob had stepped on to the mat.
Now, his art was so smooth, his intention was so unencumbered, that, as you progressed with your martial arts training and YOU became more unencumbered, you could actually feel him. And the art began to pour, as if from one container to another, into you.
He didn’t even have to work with you (though that was a blessing when he did), he just had to be on the mat at the same time.
The key is this: the mind puts out a certain amount of static. Martial Arts discipline reduces the static. It is the best way of reducing static.
Sitting in Yoga works, but there is no input, so you are whim to what the universe deposits in your lap–not a lot while you are just sitting there.
In Martial Arts objects (fists and feet) fly at you at a tremendous rate, and you have to have the disciplined intent to reduce the static so that you can handle the object.
I saw that I could do a hands on transmission of data years ago. I even have a fair talent at it.
But, the hands on transmission of data from single person to single person, is way to slow.
Bob gave the hands on transmission of data to maybe thirty or forty people. I think the number was forty-five black belts, but he didn’t teach all of those.
And, not all of those black belts, only a few of them, went on to develop their hands on abilities.
So, here’s the problem: how many people can I reach? How many can I teach…to the quality of hands on transmission!
Well, with Matrixing…millions.
As time goes on, I die and matrixing spreads…billions.
No limits.
Martial arts, the way I do them, are crucial to this planet.
One person at a time realizing his space and magnificence…they have little value.
But, hundreds of people, thousands of people, Matrixing being figured out, realized as a science, and the impact on this planet is astounding.
We’ve got millions of people burning cars and buildings and beating each other up in the mid east.
What if we could create a silence in their minds where they could suddenly perceive themselves, and each other, and saw that burning a car contributed not at all to the headlong race and rush of mankind?
Well, we can.
But we have to create the silence in our minds first. We have to do it with millions of people. We have to make every martial artist in America lose his static and realize himself/herself as a perception.
If we do that, then we have created a massive motor, one equal to the task of looking at the burning, raging mind that is the mid east….and waking it up.
But it starts with ourselves.
And, there is no limit to the motor created.
We can wake up China, Europe…heck (grin), we could even wake up some of those pesky aliens.
Now, I don’t believe martial arts are the sole answer, but I believe they are a contributing factor of severe magnitude.
And, I don’t think people will understand what we are doing and why.
That means no recognitions, except for our own pat on the back for a job well done.
So, I hope that explains something of my vision, my method, and what Monster is really all about.
Waking up individuals, silencing the static in the mind, waking up the perception of us as a whole (as all…All).
And, having an absolutely tremendously fun time on the mat!
There’s your reward!
The fun of fighting without fighting!
The glory of throwing a punch, a real haymaker from out of the dojo, and knocking the fight out of a world.
Now, this has a lot to do with what I am going to release within the next couple of months.
And, of course, it has nothing to do with it. Grin.
Anyway, Matrixing is a hands on transmission of true Martial Art. That is why so many people write glowingly of it, that is why people study it diligently, and quickly put it into their curriculum as one of the first things they teach new students.
You can check out Matrixing at my site, Monster Martial Arts. The first course, Matrix Karate, gives the Matrixing basics, and can be used to matrix any martial art. Make sure, if you’re a newbie to all this, that you email me for the free book (offered on the first page). It will tell you a lot about the logic and method of Matrixing.

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