Two Types of Physics in Karate

Before I get into the two physics, which includes chi power or chi energy one experiences in Karate or other martial arts, let me highlight them by saying one simple thing: measure what I have just done in the following video. The point is that you can’t measure what I have done with physics, but it sure does prove the existence of the second physics. Now watch the video, then let’s talk.

I say Karate, but, of course, I include taekwondo, aikido, forms of gung fu, or any art which includes chi in their philosophy.

Chi is not definable by western physics. Western physics measures the universe, gravity, force, energy, and all that sort of thing.

Chi is not gravity, force, etc.

Chi is intention, and is measurable only by observation, not by instrument.

Try to push somebody over once they are in correct stance, and they cannot be pushed. What are the physics? They can be explained, but not measured, and there is the rub.

Now, here is the thing: while western physics cannot measure chi, they can be used to understand the body in such a way that more chi can be manufactured.

Do you get it? Two different fields of physics, one for western instruments and analysis, another for eastern (fighting) disciplines such as Karate or kenpo or whatever.

Chi is senior to western physics.

Now, will chi someday be measurable?

I believe so, but only in a roundabout way…once the physicists figure out what to measure. But, they will still be measuring objects (phenomena) of the universe, and intention is not an object, though it sure is a phenomena.

You can find out more about this second level of physics and how it applies karate, or Kung Fu or whatever your martial art happens to be if you check out the Matrixing Chi book on my website.

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