Is a Black Belt More Experience or Knowledge?

When a person earns a Black Belt, how much is experience…and how much is actual knowledge? Interesting question, eh?

The reason I ask it is because when I realized how long it takes to earn a black belt, I started looking at how much of what the typical dan rank is depends on knowledge, and how much depends on experience.

Now, experience brings a certain degree of knowledge. But what if you could separate that knowledge and teach it purely…how much experience is really required?

The answer, surprisingly, is not a lot.

Let’s say a fellow trains for 3-4 years…when you break it down he has maybe three to four months of knowledge, and the rest is experience.

Yes, experience counts for something.
But, knowledge counts for more.

I found that when you give that three to four months worth of knowledge to a student, that student moves up to 60% to 70% of the three to four year black belt. And his progress gets even faster after that.

The unfortunate fact is that some of the three to four year fellow sometimes gets upset. Hey, he studied ten times longer! What he knows should be ten times more significant.

Well, fortunately, most martial artists see the logic here, and understand what I am doing. That’s part of the whole picture of the Black Belt, you see…having the mental strength to last three to four years breeds a smartness not experienced by people without that strength of discipline. So most Black Belts are interested in what I am saying, and can put aside any pettiness. If this question interests you, then drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free book.

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