Going Insane When You Get Your Black Belt!

Black Belt instructor

Robert J. Babich...Kang Duk Won

What a great way to start the week!
A work out!
Usually I do Yogata,
then Tai Chi,
then whatever.
When I am done,
I’ve already done a days work,
so the rest of the day gets real easy.

the Journal is out,
came out on the 15th,
Download yourself some good stuff,
get yer martial arts fix right here!

something I haven’t talked about
for a long time.
Fact is,
last time I talked about this
was back in the nineties.
Let’s talk about
going insane when you get your black belt.

there’s all types of insanity,
but they are usually the same thing,
you reach a point
where you can’t take anymore.
the influx of data
threatens to overwhelm,
to survive,
you get with the program
and overwhelm yourself.

it’s better to overwhelm yourself
than to get overwhelmed by something else…
let me tie this together
with getting a black belt

At the old Kang Duk Won
a lot people studied,
but they didn‘t all make it to Black Belt,
Most of them quit at two places.
They quit whithin a week or two of starting,
realized martial arts was hard work,
and went away.
No big deal.

the other place they quit was 
right before they achieved black belt.
And this was a big deal.
They would study for three or four years,
get right up to the big achievement,
and leave.

there were many excuses,
many ways of leaving
before they got overwhelmed…
they got married,
got drafted,
got hurt in a car wreck,
went to another school,
started missing lots of classes,
family emergency,
all sorts of excuses,
the bottom line…
they just disappeared.

what was the influx of data
that was causing the overwhelm,
causing the situation
that they just couldn’t take?

The influx of data was…
losing their mind.

They whittled away at their mind,
got it to be less and less,
lost their reaction time,
started seeing ‘in the now,’
they just couldn’t take it.

There is a silence,
an emptiness,
a revelation of what the self really is,
fair frightens people right into insanity.

this didn’t happen for all martial arts schools,
all schools didn’t push you into 
that zen emptiness sort of thing.
Most schools didn’t come close.
They taught on the surface
and didn’t touch the soul.

it’s even worse.
So much technique,
so little silence.

Okey dokey,
here’s the deal,
I wasn’t all that good.
I was okay,
but there were a lot of guys better than me,
but most of them quit.
They got up to the edge
and couldn’t jump off,
couldn’t look at themselves,
couldn’t stand the silence.

For all my faults,
and there are a lot of them,
I did have one strength.
I love silence.

Silence is a direct reflection of the power of the human being.
It is a measurement and a self realization.
Silence is a truth
wherein you cannot deny yourself,
and the more silence you create,
the more you there is,
the more truth there is.

Whereas other guys quit and left
stopped right right before their black belt test,
I hit that test running,
didn’t slow down,
and when I hit the silence
it was like a warm cocoon
that I wrapped around myself.
I love silence.
Karate gave me silence.
The Martial Arts enhanced, and polished that silence.

when I hit my black belt,
I went totally and utterly insane,
lost my mind,
started seeing the world as it was,
and not as a fantasy,
or a wish,
or something else,
and I have never felt anything so good and worthwhile
in all my lifetimes.

When I do a form,
it feels like I am floating in outer space
creating energy like a sun,
creating a solar system of planes and geometries
and intricate shapes and…
and the silence grows.

why am I telling you all this?
there is the interesting little factor,
got something coming,
should drive a lot of people insane.
The power will be immense.
Gonna change everything.

Knowing what I say here
will make it all easier.
Simply, the more you understand,
the less chance
of you being overwhelmed.

check out the journal,
meander around the site,
read everything you can,
if you can,
got Matrix Karate or the Master Instructor Course.
Those two are crucial.
get ready.
Here’s the Master Instructor URL
to help you out.
The Master Instructor Course

Okey dokey,
have a great and amazing work out,
spread love and cheer,
and I’ll talk to you later.


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