Matrixing and the Order of Study in the Martial Arts

Study the Martial Arts!

A Globeful of Martial Arts Studies!

When you study the Martial Arts there should be an order to it all. But, there being so many arts, an order is near impossible to see.

And, before I even say what I’m going to say, people should study what interests them. They simply aren’t going to stick with it unless they are studying what drew them in.

However, there comes a time when a fellow has studied enough, and he knows he really is a martial artist–he knows that he is going to study the martial arts for the rest of his life, and that is the time he should take a look at studying the fighting disciplines in order, or at least filling in the pieces and arranging his data in order.

First is Matrix Karate. The reason is simple: it is a simple art, easy to learn, and it provides the basic template with which to put order into all arts.

A guy studies Tai Chi–a most intricate and serpentine study, that–and he will find that if he aligns tai chi to the data in Matrix Karate, everything suddenly makes sense. All the mysteries and riddles evaporate, and he is suddenly feeling a little bright and charged up and ready to go.

All the funny little things he didn’t understand were holding him back, you see, and suddenly, there is nothing to hold him back. One would not think that would happen to Tai Chi from a study of Karate, but there are steps in Karate that are missed in Tai Chi, and this goes for all the arts.

The next art should actually be Shaolin Butterfly.

I know, on the front page of the Monster Martial Arts site it says Matrix Kung Fu, then Matrix Aikido.

Those courses, and Matrix Karate and the Master Instructor Course, which all make up the Core Package, provide an overview, they matrix virtually all the martial arts. Somebody wants to learn Matrixing, those four courses are the bone in the steak. They are the skeletal structure.

But, if one was to study the martial arts in total, was convinced that Matrixing is right and works, knows he is a martial artist, that his path leads through the martial arts, then there are several ways to study them.

Here’s one path, based on what I’ve told you here.

Matrix Karate

Shaolin Butterfly

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.

And you actually use such arts as Matrix Aikido, or Pan Gai Noon, to fill in sublevels.

Or, you could opt for a more indonesian, weapons oriented study of the arts. Such as:

Blinding Steel

Matrix Kung Fu

Or, you could opt to be a totally karate oriented stylist, such as:

Matrix Karate

Evolution of an Art

Outlaw Karate

Buddha Crane Karate

and so on.

And, you could open for a grab art line up, or a hard to soft method of art, or some other method of study.

The problem, really, is that the martial arts cannot be described on a linear basis. They describe, in geometrical terms, a sphere of knowledge. Not a circle, but a globe. But our minds being linear (for those of you who haven’t matrixed) we need to just start where we start, and take our linear paths, and be assured that, eventually, we will have traversed the globe of martial knowledge sufficient to describe the whole globe, and including all the information within the globe.

Look, the point is that there are several ways to get into Matrixing, and which way you enter it depends on your background, but more importantly, whether you have reached that decision that the martial arts are your life, and that you will do them for the rest of your life.

So that’s the skinny on how to study the martial arts and really get somewhere. And, BTW, feel free to pick up the free book on Matrixing on the Monster Martial Arts website. The more you know about Matrixing, the easier your decisions will be.


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