How to Tell if You’re Studying a Real Martial Art

I had the most interesting conversation with a student today, and the result was the definitive way to know if you are studying a real martial art.

I’ve said before, that if you are contesting with another person, you are simply fighting. The true martial art has to do with knowing yourself, yourself as an opponent, and so on. Check out the video, then I’ll explain what I’m, talking about.

Think of it this way…if you find yourself making a plan during freestyle, you haven’t been studying a real martial art.

See, a lot of martial arts teach an art, and they teach freestyle. in other words, they are teaching you something about the body and motion, and then there is the real world of fighting. But that means the two things you are studying don’t have anything to do with each other.

A true martial art is a plan, so you don’t have to make a plan during freestyle; the art you’ve been training in is a plan for freestyle, and if it doesn’t work, then it wasn’t a good plan, and it wasn’t a real martial art.

Do you see it?

Don’t study an art and freestyle, study an art that is a plan for freestyle.

But, remember this kicker…this is crucial…if your art is just fighting, then it isn’t an art.

I advocate learning Matrix Karate. That will make your art real. Even if your art is an esoteric version of Lam Duck Kung Fu from Wudan Monastery atop Mount Whatever…Matrix Karate gives you a logic, and it will start you on the path to making your art real.

Anyway, check it out, click on Monster Martial Arts, and pick up a free book while you’re there.


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