What the True Martial Art is Not

So many people study, so many people think they are doing the True Martial Art. Probably time to inject a bit of data into this concept. The True Martial Art doesn’t have to do with fighting. People who fight other people are doing a sport, having a contest with others. The True Art has to do with reducing a conflict with one self. The Real Art doesn’t have anything to do with tournaments or seeking glory. It has to do with finding ones self worth. The pure martial art doesn’t have anything to do with gaining power over others. You only want power over yourself. You want harmony for others. Power is only one slice-a very small slice-of a pie filled with a lot of other concepts. The art doesn’t have anything to do with gimmicks. That cyber pseudo science…nerve transitioning through fear impulses…ghetto blasting power punches…that’s nothing more than a few techniques wrapped around a fancy concept. Better to study the real thing. The True Martial Art is more than a style or a system, more than a movie star or a hidden secret. It is a science, and it can be defined exactly. If your art doesn’t define the true art exactly, with no doubt or confusion or conflicting points, then you are not studying the true art, but rather one of the pale imitations. If you want to know more about the True Martial Art, pick up a free ebook at Monster Martial Arts.

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