Martial Arts Weapons and Elected Officials!

Okay, I tend to steer away from politics, but when it comes to martial arts weapons, I just have to say something.

I haven’t said much about Obama care and high taxes. I haven’t said much about our elected officials pensions and how they won’t stop borrowing money. I haven’t even called them traitors…too much.

But, there is a bill about to be passed which will enable all elected officials to carry concealed weapons.

Hey! For the past couple of hundred years they have done nothing but pass laws against weapons!

And now they want their own exemption?

Oh, cry and moan for the poor wounded congresswoman. Everybody is in danger, we’re going to save you…let’s stop everybody from having guns…but the guys who pass the laws.


Now, I don’t have a gun, nor do I want one. But I want the ability to carry one if I so wish. It’s in the constitution, and I want that right. Period.

And I don’t want an elected elite that can carry guns and take potshots at any voter who they perceive as a threat!

Oh, Oh, that guy is going to vote against global warming…he’s a threat to me…where’s my sidearm…I’ll fix the varmint right now!

Just one more in a long list of grievances against a corrupt power elite that seek to take away my right to free air. They can pry my martial arts weapons from my cold, dead hands! Check my site out…Monster Martial Arts. Get a free book ¬†while you’re there.

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