Martial Arts Kata Resemble a Crippled Old Man

Martial Arts Kata, you see, are random strings of data. That’s like trying to learn to count by memorizing 3, 8, a dead cat, and a haircut.

Still, the amount of power a martial artist generates is absolutely incredible. And this on only one tenth of the realknowledge available in the martial arts.

So what would happen if the data was put in the right order?

Well, obviously, you’d learn ten times faster. Your mind would start to function faster. Your body would become strong and quick, for your motions would be aligned with your actual DNA.

The truth is that Karate, or Kung Fu, or Kenpo or Taekwondo or whatever that system you’re studying has been so messed up that it is like a crippled old man.

And the truth is that when you straighten out the system, make the bones grow the right way, fill in the organs and muscles, then you suddenly look like a Greek God.

Your muscles grow to the original DNA specifications. You get amazingly fast because the data in your head is not all jumbled around. And the truths hidden inside your martial arts kata bursts forth. If what I say here makes sense, then you want to find Monster Martial Arts. If not…see ya.


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