The Secret Won’t Work if You Don’t Know the Martial Arts!

The Secret is the title of a movie. Been out in book, too. It presents a fantastic method for manipulating all of life. The problem is that it won’t work for most people, but it will work incredibly well for people who know the Martial Arts.

Now, The Secret is available on Netflix, or, as I said, book. The Secret refers to your innate ability to shape the universe with your thoughts. And the secret works…for some people. Check out the following video, I make the universe work just by thought…below the video I’ll tell you why most people can’t manipulate the universe with just their thought.

Truth, people manipulate the universe with thought all the time, but most don’t know it. Most people build a universe of dullness and sloth, if not outright criminality, for themselves. Then there are the few who praise The Secret. They are right, but they were bright, honest people before they ever saw The Secret, or ripe for a change of magnitude.

But, The Secret will work for everybody if they are willing to transform themselves. The best method for this transformation is learning the Martial Arts. Karate, Aikido, Kungfu…MMA, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, any art can improve a person and make them able to make The Secret work. And the secrethere…the secret fo the secret, if you will…is discipline.

Get the sloth out of your life, be willing to learn, learn to focus you mental abilities, learn to be virtuous…these are the things that enable the secret to work.

Of course, why wait? Why spend three or four years (and then be a little loose in your ability to make it work) when you can learn the martial arts in a few months, focus your mental abilities, and awake The Secret within you?

Okay, nuff said. The door is open. Check out The Secret…then make a decision to become more aware, to discipline yourself that you might make the universe do what you wish it to do.

After you’ve checked out The Secret…I’ll see you at Monster Martial Arts. Matrixing Chi will open up your mind too your potentials. you can get a free book on the home page. See ya.

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