Martial Arts Discipline and Neutronic Theory Makes Life Work!

Martial Arts Discipline is the key to everything. Check out the video, and then I’ll tell you what this really means….

1) Man is born and begins to make structure. Ancient Mysteries refer to this as ‘Order Out of Chaos.’ Simply, every man needs structure.

2) While there is discipline in virtually any study, Martial Arts provides the strongest structure, and yet retains within that structure flexibility to adapt to anything. This flexibility (fluidity) is a crucial point that most people never understand.

3) The Secret to Life is that the universe is a dichotomy; there are two sides to everything. Neutronic Theory calls this a ‘motor.’ This is a Martial Arts Secret that people don’t usually perceive except in the most general way.

4) To make a motor work you need merely learn how to cause tension between the two terminals (sides) of the motor.

There are hints of this in life and the martial arts, but rarely does anybody understand sufficient to become functional. The essence of Matrixing is to correct the structure. The essence of Neutronics is to enable one to understand and use the motors involved. Thus, life becomes workable, able to be manipulated to the individual’s benefit.

If you want to learn about Matrixing one need simply go to Monster Martial Arts and examine the martial arts books and martial arts courses.

To learn about Neutronics one need merely go to Monkeyland.

Neither Matrixing nor neutronics have ever been taught on this planet. Even knowing about them, as through this article, tells the reader nothing. It is the experience that must be sought, else the reader understands nothing.

Simply, martial arts discipline, without the structure of Matrixing, is but a pale reflection of the truth. There is a free book available at Monster Martial Arts which will tell you all about Matrixing. If this coincides with your path, check out the ‘Matrixing Chi’ book.



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