Karate Strike to Face Results in Death Row!

Close Combat Self DefenseI was always told that there was one Karate Strike that was so bad you would kill somebody, and end up on death row, if you used it.

I heard this first as a rumor, then Karate instructors told me about it, and I always wondered if such a thing was so deadly, why weren’t the newspapers filled with stories of murder, why weren’t the hospitals and morgues filled with victims. I mean, it seemed the easiest martial arts technique in the world!

I am talking about the palm heel to the nose.

The story goes that if you strike somebody up the nose with your palm heel, the nose will shatter, and the nose bone will break loose and be driven in to the brain, and there will be death.

Well, of course! A nasty splinter of a bone driving right through the brain?

But, of course, the hospitals weren’t full, and people with bone punctured brains weren’t filling the morgues, and then I realized something: there is no bone in the nose.

Look at it. Look at a skull. Where the nose is is a hole! The nose is made of cartilage,. Cartilage is soft connective tissue, it is not bone, it is spongy. So when somebody talks about hitting the hose so hard the bone breaks and splinters are driven into the brain, just think of hitting somebody in the nose with a sponge. And no Karate chop, karate punch, nor karate strike of any kind, is going to cause such a case of death that you go to death row.

If you want to put science in your karate strike, check out ‘The Punch,’ at Monster Martial Arts.

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