Karate Kid Hits TV! Flawed Movie with Some Real Kung Fu!

Interesting how the Karate Kid gets changed for a new generation, but the strength of the movie lies in Jackie Chan, and some truly remarkable real Kung Fu training and fighting.

The weakness in the movie is in Jaden Smith. The original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, wasn’t very good, but you sort of liked him. you could empathize with him.

Jaden is a bit spoiled, and the movie, when it shifts away from the incredible Jackie, becomes a sequence of ‘Ain’t I cool.’ Sort of like watching Fresh Prince regurgitated.

The strengths lie in watching Jackie Chan impart priceless wisdom, and some nifty Kung Fu moves. The wax on wax off has been replaced with a jacket, and the trip up to the snake lady is absolutely marvelous.

Interestingly, I would like to see a stronger actor go somewhere with the Snake Lady concept. Now that wouldbe a movie!

Anyway, in spite of the weaknesses, if you haven’t seen the Karate Kid, do so. Make up your own mind, and get a fill of Jackie Chan and some real Kung Fu ah ha thoughts.

Check out Monster Martial Arts if you want to learn some Real Kung Fu real fast.


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