Karate Fighter DQ’ed for Knocking his Opponent Out!

Is that odd? That knocking somebody out would disqualify a Karate fighter? Yet, the plot thickens, and it ain’t lookin’ good. Check out the Karate video, then I’ll tell you what happened to get the Fighter Disqualified from the Karate tournament.

The incident happened in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. Taiwainese Karate fighter Hsian Wen-huang was seriously ahead on points when his opponent Afghan fighter Sayad Amiri fell to the mat after a strike.  Hsian was disqualified, and Amiri declared the winner.

Oddly, a short while later Amiri was seen moving around. Was Amiri knocked out? Had he been the victim of the Most Pwoerful Punch, or was he faking it? Had he been so far behind on points that he did a dive so he could win?

This incident brings two serious problems to light.

One, the potential for a dive to victory, and two, eliminating an art for being too effective.

In the end Amiri was judged not to be faking by the doctors, because he did go unconscious. That’s sort of weird, because how are you going to prove it? Shake a downed fighter until he wakes up and ask him if he really is unconscious?

At any rate, Amiri did not go on in the tournament, claiming physical reasons.

But we still don’t know the truth of the matter, and there is still the problem of a Karate Fighter being disqualified because he was too good. For the best Karate in the world check out Matrix Karate at Monster Martial Arts.


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