Man Defeats Bear with Karate Spearhand into the Mouth!

I’ve always wondered at the effectiveness of this as a defense for an attacking bear. Before I continue, however, let me say that I love animals, and I in no way advocate cruelty to one of my furry friends.

Most people, you see, try to avoid the snapping jaws. After all, we are talking about inch long knives clamping down on your hand, or arm, or throat…yikes!

But, following the tenet that in the greatest strength you will find a weakness, what if you jabbed your fist, and that might be a spearhand, straight down the animal’s throat when he bit?

There is no set up, as he is coming to you. But your timing must be utterly and exactly perfect.

If you do have the timing, and there is no other choice, when he opens to bite, you push your hand in and scrape your fingernails against the roof of his mouth, try to grab the tongue, and general make the bear believe he is trying to eat a cactus.

Now, the normal reaction, when being bit, is to jerk your hand away, which would cause the teeth to hookinto the flesh. But if you are pushing in, you won’t get hooked,and the bear might actually spit you out.

Now, normal cautionaries, though I don’t see why they would be needed. I mean, someb ody out hunting a bear with just a spearhand is somebody trying to jump out of the gene pool. But, avoid bears and other creatures. Don’t try to pet a porcupine. Don’t try to kiss a ratlesnake. Don’t even think about petting that polecat. They are, after, living critters, and they are best left to nature.

That all said, though this post is sort of a WTF and scratch your head, who knows…it might come in handy. A dog might try to bite somebody, and maybe having a plan will enable one to not get bit, or to extract themselves from a bad situation.

Have a great day, drop my website, Monster Martial Arts, and check out the knife fighting section, and I hope you never have to even think about using a Karate spearhand to fight a bear.

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