The Ultimate Martial Arts Contest That is New and Even Better!

The winner of the first Ultimate Martial Arts Contest is announced in the Monster Martial Arts Journal. He won ten  Martial Arts Books! You could win ten martial arts books in the next contest!

It’s on page five of the Monster Martial Arts Journal.

Also on page five is the new and improved contest. It is new and improved because the picture to be named is…weird. I mean, it’s religious, but…I don’t know how to describe it. Seriously. this isn’t a teaser, I just don’t know how to tell you what is weird about the pic. It just is.

The Monster Journal is available at Monster Martial Arts. It’s free, absolutely and utterly free, and you can read it online, or download it if you wish. Here’s the link…

The Monster Martial Arts Journal!

It’s got an article about the chi building properties of a classical Karate Technique, an assortment of articles on other things, and the Chi graphic at the end of the journal, by Master Instructor Angelo Pabon, is a true work of art.

Check it out, it is the Ultimate Martial Arts Contest, and it is new and improved.

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