Black Belt Movie is Filled with Excellent Japanese Karate Techniques!

Good Japanese KarateIt is Japanese Karate that actually popularized the Black Belt, and it is appropriate that the Japanese make a movie concerning the significance of that rank.
To be sure, the Black Belt in question is an heirloom being passed down, and which of three students should inherit it?
One student is too feisty, one student won’t fight, and the other student is injured.
All of which makes for a good allegorical plot.
Not a good plot, but a good allegorical plot.
There are evil men selling girls, evil generals ignoring the emperor, and…well, that about covers it.
And, there is character conflict that is, uh, wooden and unreal.
But, darn it, there is excellent Japanese Karate!
Good forms, one punch kills, techniques that shrug an attacker to the ground, pressure point strikes that render a villain senseless, and techniques that render a sword wielder…broken.
You munch popcorn through the acting, chuckle a bit, and then the crisp, clean karate techniques blast off.
Don’t confuse them with kung fu, or MMA, or something else. The movie is ‘BlackBelt,’it is available on Netflix, and it is good Japanese Karate, done by good Black Belts, and they the movie is definitely worth while.
Dron by Monster Martial Arts. We have lots of good Karate courses there.

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