Changes are Happening to Monster Martial Arts! Caption Contest!

The Chinese have a saying: “May you live in interesting times.”
Actually, it’s sort of a curse. Life, according to the saying sayers should always be the same.
Isn’t that hell of sorts?
If life isn’t changing, then aren’t you stagnating, and what is the point of it all then? Eh?
So, let’s try changing the Monster a bit.
I’ve been tweaking the website, making it more friendly in a lot of ways.
And, I’ve been working over the blogs. Got some ideas on that.
I need to get more computer literate. (Ugh! It hurts! Don’t drag me into the ‘Smart Age!’)
Thinking about consolidating sites, maybe bundling Monkeyland with the Monster, doing a few things like that.
And then there is the newsletter.
I love the newsletter, but, I need to morph it into something bigger and better.
So, I’ll try a few formats, and then maybe go forward, or go back, depending on what happens.
So, this issue is PDF and downloadable.
Servers won’t get mad at me for sending out too much mail, I get to put actual ads in the thing, and I get to focus on certain things, and generally expand.
It’s not a newspaper, or a magazine, but I think Journal best describes it.
You like, you tell me.
You don’t like, you tell me.
And may we all live in interesting times.


Give me a good caption and win a free download!
Contest over on Monday, Feb 21st!
Results to be posted here!

Check out Monster Martial Arts.

Let me know if you like the changes,

and sign up for the newsletter/journal.

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