Extreme Martial Arts are Another Form of Mysticism

I know, I’m (choke) old. But the trick is real, and I’ll tell you about extreme martial arts and mysticism and all that stuff right after the video.

Extreme martial arts covers a lot of territory: the best martial art, the secret martial art, and so on. And it is bogus.

Think of it this way. A fifth grader sits in a 2nd grader’s class. He knows how to multiply, so he has this big inner chuckle when he sees all these second graders adding 2 + 2 and getting 5.

Would you call the fifth grader a mystic? A sage? An extreme mathematician?

Well, to the second graders he is.

To the 9th graders, however, he is a knothead.

The martial arts are like that.

Some guy knows karate,or taekwondo, or kenpo, and the fellows who know Tai Chi or Pa Kua or Aikido…they have a big inner chuckle.

But, to a guy who knows Matrixing…we won’t use the word knothead, but you get the idea.

The Kenpoka or karateka or taekwondoka is blcoking and kicking and punching.

The taichoka or Pakuakoka or aikidoka puts his arms in the same positions, but he does different things with the energy inside.

The Matrixer, however, knows why.

It’s all about science, you see. The hard style martial artist is watching water boil on the stove. The soft stylist is turning on the stove. The matrixer knows why.

And, because he follows a science, instead of a bunch of random moves with some loose theory, the matrixer learns faster.

Not twenty years to mastery, or even ten. No, no. A matrixer learns at a glance, intuitively, so once he has understood matrixing principles, his rate of learning is usually three times faster, but can be as much as ten times faster.

Science, man. Not mysticism. That’s the secret of Extreme Martial Arts. Drop by my website and pick up a free book on the Science of Matrixing.

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