Charles Manson and the Ultimate Martial Art Come Together!

ultimate martial artHow could one of the most famous serial murderers (okay, he didn’t do it himself, but he was responsible!) be connected with the Ultimate Martial Art?

The ultimate martial art, the highest form of martial arts, depends on friendship.

I was talking about this with a student, and I asked him, ‘Can you be friends with Charles Manson?’

He said he couldn’t.

I observed that to the degree he couldn’t be friends…to that degree he was incapable of achieving the true martial art.

Blink and gosh and golly. Sounds like something Boomer would say. Right?

But, look, I didn’t ask him to invite him for dinner, and, in fact, I recommend that one be very careful around a murderer. But…be friends. Trust the murderer to be a murderer, and like him.

Hate is a cancer. And it is a field of energy that separates man.

Friendship–love, if you want to be gushy–is an openness, and there are no barriers between man.

So, do you want to have barriers between yourself and others? Or do you want to be open?

If you want barriers, then you want something that will slow you down, as well as your foe. If you are open, the only barrier will be one that he erects for himself. That won’t slow you down…not if you believe in friendship and that sort of thing.

Can you be friends with that stupid kid in school? Can you be friends with that cop who gives you a ticket? Can you be friends with a murderer?

To the degree that you can be friends, to the degree that you drop your barriers and learn to trust (not blind trust, but trust that other person to be who they are), to that degree you can achieve the Ultimate Martial Art.

Check out Monster Martial Arts if you wish your karate or kung fu or whatever art you study to be the best martial art.

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