In True Martial Arts Fight or Flight is to be a Victim!

Martial Arts WeaponOne of my friends wrote me recently, was excited about transforming reaction to’towards,’ instead of ‘away.’

This is an old method of controlling the ‘fight or flight’ response to what you want.

It’s a neat idea, however, as I observed to my friend, reaction time is reaction time, and the real key to the martial arts is to get rid of reaction time.

Thus, instad of pretending your a bird on the wing, or a tiger ready to pounce, you should practice being a ware, like a human being.

Extend your awareness so that you can see what is coming, and thus never be surprised, and never had reaction time.

You don’t want to react, because that is acting after,and it means you’ve already gone victim.

Instead, you want to act, based on a plan you made when you saw the future coming.

This type of thought, of philosophy, is what matrixing is all about. Increasing awareness so you can make a real plan. No other martial art does it. They are all reacting, being the victim, fight or flight with no real choice.

Monster Martial Arts, if the idea of becoming aware sounds better than becoming reactive like an animal.

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