Bruce Lee was a Wimp and Here’s the Proof!

Everybody thinks Bruce Lee was tough.

Well, maybe…but let me tell you a story concerning this.

I wrote for the mags, mostly for CFW. My editor was John Soet (since passed), and he told me of a time he was in Hong Kong. He was in a room filled with actors, and they were talking about parts and roles and such, and amongst the actors were George Lazenby and Bruce Lee.

George Lazenby, you may recall, did one James Bond movie, and then was replaced. So all these guys are sitting there, small talk, and suddenly George blurts out how hurt he was that he had been replaced, and he said it was difficult to get roles, and it was like nobody liked him.

The room went silent. Everybody realized that George had gone beyond small talk, that he had shown a piece of his soul, and what do you say to a guy who shows his real pain?

So everybody was quiet, silent, and not looking at each other.

Bruce was sitting across the room, and he took note of the silence. He looked around, realized that nobody was going to say anything, and he spoke softly but so that everybody could hear him. “I like you, George.”

The room went totally electric, then everybody started smiling and grinning, talk started up, and George…George suddenly felt pretty good.

So I apologize for the misleading headline, but I really wanted to share a very powerful Bruce Lee moment. This is the kind of stuff you don’t hear about, but which reveals the compassion behind the Little Dragon.

No, Bruce Lee wasn’t a wimp, he was powerfully kind, and that is the best and strongest kind of art.

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