Seven Martial Arts Weapons Out of a Piece of Clothing!

There are actually a couple of ways to use this concealed Martial Arts weapon. You can use it for a sling, for brass knuckles, for a whip, or to hold up your pants.

That’s right, the belt. Check out the video, and then I’ll tell you some of the ways a belt can be used as a deadly weapon.

To begin with, you need a belt that isn’t too fat, or it won’t come out of the pant loops quick and easy.

First technique, you can whip or snap the tip of the belt.

Second trick, if you have a buckle with edges, you can flail with it and do some damage. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Third self defense move, if you have a buckle with weight, you can, again, flail, and the weight of the thing will do damage.

Fourth martial method, you can hold the buckle in your fist to increase the weight of your fist.

Fifth martial arts technique, you can pull the buckle over the top of your fist and use the buckle for the striking surface. Both five and six you have to be careful not to break your own knuckles.

Sixth Self Defense, one of my favorites, if you have access to some small rocks (or if you  feel like carrying some large marbles or ball bearings in your pocket),  then you can hold the belt double with the rock in the fold. Swing around, let go of one end, and the marble or ball bearing becomes a missile.

I thought number six was silly, until I saw a fellow knock a branch off a tree. Can anybody out there spell  Goliath?

Seven and final nasty martial move, you use the belt to tie, wrap, or just outright chock the mugger.

A belt is not a good weapon,  it is a make shift weapon, and one you can use to get through a dangerous situation. If you are going to use one I suggest a little practice, a little discipline, otherwise you’re going to hurt yourself as much as any attacker.

And, make sure you wear pants that aren’t going to fall to your knees when you whip the belt off. Taking your pants off in the middle of a fight isn’t good strategy…unless your attacker dies of laughter.

Want more good ideas? Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out the Blinding Steel Martial Arts Weapons program.

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