Who You Should Teach Martial Arts To and Why

Interesting question. Lot of nut cases out there, and you don’t want to waste your time, so who do you teach martial arts to?

I have one rule that I follow. I look for people who smile, who make jokes, who don’t take life too seriously.

I’ll teach anybody who has the desire, mind you, but I look for the happy people.

Life is up or down. And you take it up or down.

You are on your way to happy, or you are going in the other direction.

Martial Arts can reverse the downward direction, and make a happy person, and I don’t deny that to anybody.

But I look for happy people to teach. People who smile. They are the ones I concentrate on finding.

Life is a choice, and I made mine, and that’s how and why and who I teach martial arts to.

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