Classical Martial Arts Originated in Life or Death Combat!

Had a guy say something interesting today, he said that MMA originated in the ring, as a way to beat people up under certain conditions.

His point was that Classical Martial Arts, Shaolin or Karate or Aikido or whatever, originated under life and death circumstances.

Check out the video, it’s my classical take on the Iron horse form, and then I’ll finish up this point.

The priest had to defend against cutthroats with knives.

The Samurai had to fight armored men with long swords and spears on the battlefield.

Aikido was born of Aikijujitsu, which was from those same Samurai battlefields.

Life and death, rolling in the mud, training for all manner of weather, all manner of terrain.

Sometimes traditional martila arts get the razz, but the truth is, dig a bit, uncover the origins, and you have something with much more potential than a mouthpiece and referees.

No offense to anyone, there’s some tough guys out there, and tough arts.

I just prefer the Classical Martial Arts. Love the tradition, the training methods, and the idea that there is a zen beyond war.

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