The Three Things That Make For The Most Powerful Kick In The Universe!

Whether you do Silat, Gung Fu, Krav Maga, or whatever, what I am going to tell you in will give you the most Powerful Kick on earth. This is because this is the way the body is designed to function. This is the actual physics of the human shape, not mystical bushwah or wishful thinking.

The first thing you must know is that the secret to a good kick is a high knee. Yes, there is a leg raise type of foot maneuver, but this is more for quick scoops and pops to the groin or some other low area. But we want to deal with the foot to the midsection or head.

When you lift up your knee you raise your foot and then you are able to drive the foot in on a straight line. This means that there will be a more efficient line between your body and the target. Practice kicking over a chair or some other object to get this one.

The second thing that is of vital important is to tilt the hips. This is entirely overlooked by martial arts senseis, and yet it is extremely important. The hips are the cornerstone of martial arts techniques, you see.

They have much weight behind them, and it is crucial to put this weight to work in the kick. Just a slight tilt or turn, depending on the kick is all it takes. The way to practice this is to hold a broomstick against your hips and watch how the ends move.

The third thing is you must make sure you sink your weight when you do a kicking technique. This is the one that everybody overlooks, and it is the most important. Simply, machines work best when they are bolted down.

Bend the knee of your support leg when the kick is at the end of the snap or thrust. This will not only fasten your body to the earth, it will create energy in the tan tien. This energy can be channeled into the technique.

These three items, and especially dropping your weight, should actually be put into all your moves. These are conformed exactly to how the body works. If you want the most powerful kick on earth, be it in Hapkido, Kenpo, Kung Fu, or whatever, then these are the three things that will get you there.

Here’s an old but useful article which can be adapted to powerful kicks. There’s a free Power Kicks Course bundled into the Matrix Karate Course, which you can find on the front page.

1 thought on “The Three Things That Make For The Most Powerful Kick In The Universe!

  1. Ccase

    Al Case is the Most knowledgeable Martial Artist around. His knowledge surpasses
    any I have seen on the Net. Not only does he give instructions on DVD’s but he writes
    very real articles that entice the readers to want more…. Well Done Al…..


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