The Three Secrets to a Good Taekwondo Kick

taekwondo kickWell, it’s not just a taekwondo kick, but one from Karate or Kung Fu or whatever.

1) get the knee high.

2) tilt the hip into the kick

3) sink the weight as you kick

There are other things you can do, but they have to do with specific kicks. These three items are the stuff that the real martial arts keg techniques are made of. Oddly, they aren’t much taught. But these things are the physics of the body. If you like these kinds of ideas, whether it be in a taekwondo kick, or a karate block, or a kung fu stance, or whatever, check out Power Kicks, it’s a free course (when you get another one) at Monster Martial Arts. You’re going to get a lot of power if you do. Pick up the  ebook on the top  left of the home page–it’s free!



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