Static Stances Increase Inner Energy Tenfold!

I have received good comments on a recent newsletter concerning static stances and generating energy, here’s one that goes to the heart of it all. It’s right after the snippet where I put out a candle from over a foot away.

Here’s the win…

Al, I really liked the article on static postures you wrote.

I got involved in Chi kung about 8 years ago after some health issues arose. The methods resolved my issue (and still do!) and got the chi flowing to a great degree. Mental alertness, strength, vitality, all of it came with practice. Then about 3 years ago, I found a book on yichuan and began doing the standing postures.

WOW! Instant energy! Even 10 minutes in the beginning was challenging. Now standard practice is 30-45 minutes depending on time allotment and desire. This single practice of ‘standing still’, taught me more about movement than moving ever did! The energy builds up to such a degree that the body begins to move by itself.

When I first felt this I finally had an understanding of what was meant by “from wuji comes tai chi”. Form NO Thing, Comes Some thing. I did nothing, and got something…something great!!

Another eye opener was that this could be applied to any style. All styles have some forms of sorts, so why not hold them for long periods? I see a lot of karate guys do forms fast and thats it. They miss a piece of the puzzle… They could make their good art great. Chi kung (moving chi kung) increased my energy significantly, but standing still built a gyroscope in my dan tien. It spins crazy! Movements come from every direction.

When the body is aligned as in tai chi, the dan tien moves everything! Its simple and AWESOME! I know a lot of martial artists and fighters who I give this to freely, but they just laugh mostly. Their fault. Thanks for the great newsletters Al.

Take care.

Lee Bracey

Too often I sit on wins, and I should be handing them out like candy. So thanks to Lee, and thanks to you guys who get it.

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