The Neutronic Secret of Life Applied to Martial Arts!

Great morning to you!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…
this is your day to work out.
you get stronger,
you get sharper,
and there is increased peace in the soul.
Work out.

let’s talk about really getting somewhere.
Let’s talk about jacking up your martial arts.
Big time.

The secret of life is motion.
The more motion something has
the more life there is.
This is just a truth.

Something stops moving enough
and it is dead.
So you have to cultivate your potential for motion.
That is the secret.

If you’re an internal stylist,
then you have to cultivate
the potential for motion
on the inside.

Okey doke?

here is the odd thing.
If you consider the secret of the universe
through neutronics,
you come up with this:

For something to be true
the opposite must also be true.

Very yin yang.
you know?

So how does that work with cultivating the potential for motion?
It’s called ‘pile stancing.’
Though I usually just call it stancing.

You just hold a stance.
hold it.
Hold it for an hour.
Then move to the next stance.

On the surface,
it’s sort of a WTF?
we’re not animals,
we are humans,
and we have this things called
under that,
we have this thing called

So when you stance,
when you stand in a martial arts posture for an hour
your start to exude awareness.
You become aware of the stress points in your body.
You become aware of energy flow and breathing patterns.
You become aware that you are,
there is this other thing…

Before there can be motion,
there must be a thought.
So you stand there
looking like a dope,
frozen in your hourglass stance
arms like you’re holding a bowl,
and energy starts to bubble within,
and awareness starts to become cognizant
of all the paths the energy can take.

Do you have the patience?
Can you force yourself to stand still for an hour?
I guarantee,
if you can stand still for as little as one hour
the universe is going to come undone for you.
Everything is going to change.

Get tired?
Want to go watch TV?
Get past that.

Want to go to the bathroom?
Get over it.

Get this idea before you even try this…
you’re going to do it
no matter what,
and you won’t let anything distract you.

I’ve had some incredible things happen
when I have done this.
I’ve experienced some truly stark and beautiful thoughts.
I’ve learned who’s in charge of me and my muscles.
I’ve come to a deeper peace
than mortals can ever understand.

Do you want to make it?
Do you want to know the truths behind the martial arts,
and all arts,
and even you?
this will open the door.

And, to finish up,
this is the secret behind Tai Chi,
and the internal arts.
this is the secret behind Yogata.

To find the silence in the motion,
you have to find the silence in no motion.

let me pop in the obligatory link here

It’s a good place to get started if you want to make some silence,
and start cultivating no motion
and getting to the truth of yourself.

Okey doke.
The site is happening.
I’m slowly working on it,
putting wins in,
making the thing more aesthetic.

And I’m starting to raise the prices.
but I’ve got to.
it’s not like the courses aren’t worth about ten times what I’m selling them for.

still waiting for word form the publisher
on my novel.
Thanks for your good thoughts on that.

I think that is it.

If you haven’t received an order,
if you sent a communication to me
and didn’t
get an answer,

I try to answer everything I can,
but somethings things get overlooked,
sometimes the mail (email) screws up,
so keep after me.
I’ll do my best.

Have a great work out!


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