Most Fun Cheapest Freestyle Training Device!

I wanted to freestyle, try out moves, work on techniques, but I had no one to play with. Wah!
So I asked my wife to beat me up. She said she’d love to, but she didn’t know Karate.
That’s cool. I had a great and cheap freestyle training device. I’ll tell you about it right below this video.

I took a towel and wrapped it around the end of a pole used for push brooms. I duc taped it tight. I then had her whap me.

Man, did I have fun. I blocked to my hearts content, tried to close with the evil B**** having such a good time. Snapped kicks and punches, and pulled them with a few inches to spare.
She finally got tired of hitting me, she wasn’t getting through.

What? I was supposed to let her hit me? Ha!

Anyway, I got a great work out, and all the freestyle my heart could handle, all with the cheapest and greatest freestyle training device you can make in two minutes.

Got a free book on the home page at Monster Martial Arts. Come and get it.

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