Inside Kung Fu Closes Its Pages After 38 Years!

And the mighty have fallen. Victim to high production costs, low advertising revenues, and that durned economy, Inside Kung Fu has decided to close its pages.

IKF placed second in the martial arts magazine racks. After Kung Fu, but outlasting such worthies as Official Karate.

Over the years IKF spawned a range of great mags. Inside Karate, Masters andStyles, and so on. They produced a good range of DVDs and books, and educated martial artists for decades.

In the beginning, Inside Kung Fu was the brainchild of Curtis F. Wong. When Mr. Wong decided to relinquish controls the magazine was promoted by corporate bodies.

I wrote for them. Specifically for Inside Karate, and that was an education in itself. Write for tenth graders, got more pictures? Don’t laugh, it is  a model that worked, and was successful because that is what people understand. And betwixt those pics and short liners were gems of education, and even a column or two, like, (ahem) my own Case Histories.

And here we must mention  the real reason Mr. Wong’s baby will be sorely missed: it was written by martial artists. It is not glossy with one editor polishing (hyping) articles endlessly, it is a variety of die hard martial artists in their own rarely edited words. If you wanted to get the real goods on what a martial artist was all about…that, and her sisters publications, were the magazines.

Believe me, I know, because I had articles except by other mags, and I saw how they altered the copy for the bang, and deleted worthwhile information.

BTW, the issue whose image you see at the top of this article? I was in that one. That’s right. A piece on me. That’s the icing on some pretty serious cake.

To see old articles I wrote for the IKF mags, click on Monster Martial Arts Articles.

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