Barack Obama to Take the Black Belt Test!

I’ve said this before, got in trouble for it, actually, but…we should require our politicians to pass their black belt test before we even nominate them.

There is the common sense notion that people in public office, being generally disagreeable people, should learn to fight.

And, there is the lauded concept that instead of voting, we should just set up rings and let our elected officials fight for what they believe in.

Of course, then we would only have young men in congress, which is probably not a bad idea. After all, would you rather cheer for some young stud who is fighting for a purse, or for some old corruptionist who is cutting your purse?

You think I am being silly? Hey, it’s good enough for England. Contenders for the thrown are expected to have military service.

Can you see Barack passing his black belt test breaking a few boards with a well placed kick? Or how about Barney Franks learning how to choke out a mugger? If those guys could do that I might even think about trusting them. Maybe.

Anyway, head on over to Monster Martial Arts. Get your own black belt, and then we’ll talk.

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