MMA Terrorist Threat to Obama

Jacob Volkmann, a mixed martial artist who fought in UFC 125, is in trouble. After winning his match a few days ago, while being interviewed, said he would like his next opponent to be…Barack Obama.

Jacob went on to criticize the health care plan, say that Obama is not too bright, and tha, “Someone like me needs to knock some sense into that idiot.”

A couple of nights later, no surprise, Jacob was visited by the Secret Service. Tell the truth, the agent was apparently a little embarrassed at having to make the call, but people had apparently complained about the quote, and he did have to make sure there was no credible threat to the prez.

Ah, me. I don’t fault Jacob for having an opinion, not even for what he said, for the context makes it all harmless.

And, I don’t fault the Secret Service for doing their job.

But, I’d like to know what idiot(s) complained?

I mean, the right to be confronted by an accuser might apply here.

At any rate, this writer thinking that the health care bill is not too bright, I will be cheering Jacob on to his next victory.

Anybody want to complain? Grrr!

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