What Martial Arts Belts Ranking Really Mean

I remember once, way back when, learning about belt ranking in Kenpo. The instructor told me, at the end of my education, that our belts were really one belt above other schools. We were one belt better than the guy down the street. Our yellow belts were as good as purple, our purple were as good as blue, and so on.

Isn’t that interesting?

We didn’t win any more tournaments. In fact, we probably won less. But it appealed to our sense of worth. But, it was a false worth.

And, here is the crux of it…why do we need to be better than the next guy? Why do we have to breed an attitude that is separatist?

There is only one art, and all the various styles are merely versions or slices of the one art.

And, the real goal should be to better oneself, not be better than some bozo down the street.

I mean, if you’re putting somebody else down, you’re really, by demonstrating a poor attitude, putting yourself down.

And you can believe me because I am a better writer than the next blog you read. In fact, I would say that my blog is one rank above the next blog you read.

Do you see how silly it really sounds?

Have a great day, and come on over and read some of the Monster Martial Arts articles. They are better articles than you will read elsewhere, at least by one rank. Heh.


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