Dynamic Tension Makes the Hardest Punch!

I ran across the concept of making the Hardest Punch some forty years ago. Haven’t seen anybody do it in a while, so I though I’d pass it on.

You cross the wrists, and one arm tries to go out while the other tries to come back. You let the tension, and then let the wrists slide until they finally snap apart.

I actually got it from a kung fu form that was spliced into the Kang Duk Won.

Now dynamic tension, just so there is no misunderstanding, is when you work muscles against one another to create strength. The old time body builders, like Charles Atlas, used to swear by it, and it does cause the body to bulk in the most pleasing and efficient way.

Adding a strike to the end creates speed and snap and puts that strength to work.

You can create other types of dynamic tension moves to make not just the hardest strike, but the hardest blocks, etc.

You know, it’s funny…but this little tip is merely icing. If you want the whole cake, and the beefsteak, too, come on over to Monster Martial arts. Check out The Punch. It’s a whole book on nothing but punching. You can’t help but learn when you have that much concentrated, to the point information.


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