Man Knocks Himself Out with a Flying Side Kick!

This actually happened to my instructor, which is quite interesting because he was the best martial artist I have ever seen.

This was back in the late sixties, early seventies, and kicks were all the rage.

Truth, kicks were a new invention. Taekwondo was a word that people heard, and front, side and wheel kicks were the basic bread and butter of lower level martial arts.

Then Chuck Norris came along, people started discovering the taekwondo flying kicks, and, zingo bingo, Evolution of an Art.

Now, my instructor was actually trying to do a jumping, spinning kick. We barely had jumping kicks, and spinning kicks were just raising their ugly heads, and he was just putting it together.

So he jumped up, spun, extended the leg and…hit his head on a branch. That’s right, he chose to do the kick under a low flying tree, and he knocked himself out.

He was just getting up when one of the students found him, dazed, rubbing his head, and wondering what had happened.

Well, it happens to the best of us, and we all chuckled. What the heck, if the tree has your number…

Check out Got some new methods, and some old arts. And knock yourself out. Heh.

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