A Weird Mix of Aikido Versus Karate Proves Pretty Sane

You know, one of the weirdest thing I ever did was this Aikido versus Karate thing.

I know, the two arts don’t fit together, but I had studied both, and I was looking pretty hard, and I came up with the idea of doing a forward roll (or a backward roll) into and out of each position of every form in Karate.

So instead of stepping to the side and doing a low block, which is the first movement of Pinan One (Heian One), I dove into a shoulder roll and came up to the low block. And, I quickly found out that doing a back roll was much better.

But, then what is the situation you’re preparing for? Do you want to charge in, or back off? So I had to practice both ways.

Then, do a shoulder roll into the next movement. And I began doing all my forms, rolling forward and back, in into and out of, each position.

Man, it was a work out and a half. I was drenched, my shoulders were bruised as I was a beginner and hadn’t found that perfect circle that is necessary for the perfect roll.

So give it a try. Any art or any style can be adapted to to this weird Aikido versus Karate training drill. Guaranteed, you’re going to have a ball, or at least be one.

Check out Matrix Aikido. It’s an incredibly fast way of learning some real functional and combat ready Aikido. It’s at Monster Martial Arts.


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