Stunning Revelation….Science =Truth = Real Martial Arts

People talk about basics being the core of the martial arts, and they don’t realize that they have only gone halfway. Before you read the following win, let me ask you a question…have you ever read a list of the ‘rules’ of the martial arts? A list of principles as solid as a list of scientific principles in math, or astronomy, or some real science?
I know you haven’t because they don’t exist. Everybody has been studying the martial arts as an art, nobody–no matter how much they talk–has ever outlined the martial arts as a science. Period.

Well, until me.

That’s what the matrixing thing is all about…understanding the arts as a science. If you understand the significance of this, then you understand why I am getting massive wins from the people who take my courses.
Science = Truth. Go on.
Look up science in the dictionary.
Science = Truth.
Here’s the win.

“…then I did the Master Instructor Course and it hit me.  The Basics that are so concisely communicated in this course including the Matrix principle IS the solution.  It doesn’t matter what “style” I call my art, because all styles follow these same principles.  It doesn’t matter how hard I train or how many repetitions I do if I don’t train the right way. ”

Science = Truth + …understanding what the martial arts really are, how they really work. It joins them, ends division of art, while enhancing individual art. If you don’t believe me, get the free ebook from Monster Martial Arts and take a look for yourself. You’ll start to understand that there is real martial arts under all the bushwah out there.

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