Shaolin Instructor Turns Over New Leaf with the Shaolin Butterfly

This is really an amazing story. Sounds like it should be in a movie, but it is real life.

“Hi Al,
I was floored when I opened up the new Monster Newsletter and saw my letter to you, I had to print it and showed it to my students.
After that I started thinking that I really should write to you to thank you for how much you have influenced me over the last 7 years.
I started my martial arts training way back in ’82, and have received black belts in 3 different styles of karate. Then Late 90’s I tried my hand at a kung fu school that was near my house. It was bad news from the start. The instructor would let the senior students show us some moves and then laugh at those who could not do them right.
Next if the instructor would teach the class himself he would have to demonstrate the move on one of us, and he wouldn’t be nice and easy on his partner. Most times I would end up with a bloody nose or lip. After this went on for a few weeks I turned the tables on the instructor and then walked out of the class vowing to never to take another class at any school again.
And for 2 years I didn’t.
Then in early 2000, I was talking to the owner of a martial arts book store (she knew what had happened at the school), she asked me to read a small book and see if maybe I could learn anything from it. I looked at the title The Complete Shaolin Butterfly by Al Case.
I took the book home and read thru it and then started to learn the forms. Within a month I was able to do each of the forms well. Then something happened I found myself enjoying the martial arts again.
Then a few months later I had people asking me to teach them this martial art.”

Man, I love this win, because I love it when the good guys win.

Feel free to check out my Shaolin Butterfly page. Pick up a free ebook on the home page while you’re there.

Win #57

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