Actual Statistics of Matrix Martial Arts

In Matrix Martial Arts the term ‘actual statistics’ refers to truth. Yes, statistics can be used to confound, but this is a lie on the part of the beholder, an obfuscation through the arrangement of the numbers involved. And don’t anybody bother to spell government. Here are the actual statistics.

One or two per cent of the traffic to the Monster Martial Arts website become customers. That is a pretty common statistic. Of course, I am competing with a plethora of marketers who are selling gimmicks, so it’s hard to know what to do with this.

But, the second statistic, 60% of the people who order order again. Holy criminey jeepers bats**t! Nobody gets that statistic! Nobody! If somebody actually got 10% return orders they would praise God and fall on their knees to the miracle of it all.

I get 60%.
Now how could I get a number like that?
Because there is worth in my art.
People like the truth.

I’m not saying everybody else lies, but they occupy themselves with selling gimcracks, and not with opening doors to the art, letting the light in, putting forth illuminating instructions that lead to competence, self worth, and an honest approach to life.

Let me finish with a quote from one of my Master Instructors…

“We create and perpetuate our own suffering from the false ideas and ways of framing our instruction of the martial traditions we inherit, and are responsible for passing on, by not – ourselves – learning and then applying the truth of the martial arts, which is now available to all in the many works of Al Case.”

Yeah, I know, it sounds self serving. But I am really just hoping that you become one of the one or two percent who shrug their shoulders, mutter ‘Why not,’ and give me a try. If it doesn’twork, it’s money back guaranteed. But if Matrix Martial Arts does work…holy criminey jeepers bats**t…you’re going to have some kind of fun!

Feel free to drop by Monster Martial Arts and get the free ebook that tells about Matrixing.

Win #52

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