Mad Monkey Kung Fu and the Hardest Fist in the World!

There was this movie called Mad Monkey Kung Fu, and it was a hoot. Ninjas trampolining out of trees, the hero gets his fists busted up and then conditions them so he can save the day, beats the villain, and the horse rides off into the sunset.

But, there was a training method in that movie that got to me. You strike a wall with your spear hand, then, without retracting the hand, just going forward, you strike it with your second set of knuckles, then, without retracting, just going forward, you strike the wall with your fist.

Bang! Bang! Bang! And the theory is that somebody might be able to toughen up for the first strike, maybe even the second strike, but by the third strike…his macrocosmic orbit is going to give way and you gots yourself a case of serious dead meat!


Now, I started practicing this stupid movie move. I hit the walls and started denting them, so I set up makiwara, or used a bag, and kept going. And, the odd thing…it worked!

No. I didn’t do the triple strike and kill a baddie, but my fists started getting tougher without all the knuckle juice that dim mak people try to sell you.

And, I used to tell my kids that they could go to the movies, or out with their friends, if they could ‘knuckle bust’ me. I extended a fist, and they would hit it with theirs, and if I didn’t want the kids to go out…grin. My fists just kept getting tougher and tougher. Man, it was fun.

So, try this little gem, have your ownself some fun, and if you like this Mad Monkey Kung Fu Training Tool, check out my Shaolin Kung Fu page.

Win #51

1 thought on “Mad Monkey Kung Fu and the Hardest Fist in the World!

  1. jerome

    I have one…honestly i cant remember where I learned it from. It went from spear hand, then to leapord’s fist(the joint before the knuckles) then the fist, then the wrist as in the cranes beak then the elbow. ….i never tried against anything solid but i always thought it was an interesting technique… was supposed to basically blast thru a person’s defenses.


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