Yogata Makes For Perfect Martial Arts Body

People always miss out when they search for the martial arts body, and it’s too bad.
I mean, weights are great, but they isolate muscles, they don’t treat the body as one unit. Thus, you are only as a strong as an individual muscle.
And Combat conditioning is great, but it is slanted towards certain extremes, and misses the point of the whole body.
If you want the perfect body for martial arts you have to have the whole body, and not isolationism or extremes.
When you do the Yoga Kata (Yogata), you get every limb, and in x, y and z, so nothing is overworked, nothing is underworked, nothing is ignored or made weaker to the whole through isolationism. Here’s the interesting win i received on this…

hey al happy thanks giving i just wanted to tell you that today i did the yogata and it was harder than lifting weights!!! ha! ha! thanks for the new tool

Harder than lifting weights, and this is because it enhances every muscle of the body, and some of these have never been worked on, and it does it without neglecting the whole body. I tell ya, it’s yoga with a purpose, it creates the perfect martial arts body, and it is overlooked because so many people are stuck in the same old same old and can’t break out.

I’ve got a wordpress blog on yogata, and it’s
I’ll probably write this win again, its so good, and put it there. See ya. Al

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