The One Reason All People Should Take Martial Arts Instruction

Everybody has heard the list of reasons as to why people should take martial arts instruction, and they never speak of the one real reason. I’m going to write a few sentences about the common reasons, then present you with the one real reason. See if you can figure out that reason before I speak of it.

The number one reason people give for studying martial arts, be it karate or kung fu or whatever, is self defense. Simply, they sell the mugging point. You must learn or somebody is going to beat you up.

The second reason people have is fitness. You must learn martial arts so you will be big and strong and everybody will respect you. This is a ‘self image’ selling point.

A third reason, and not a bad one, one that parents are always harping about but never understanding themselves, is to get discipline. But the matter of discipline is only a shadow of the real reason for learning ancient fighting arts. Are you ready to learn the real reason people should study the ancient oriental ways?

Not to fight, because the purpose of the martial arts is to learn how to not fight. Not for self image, because this is merely a corruption of learning competence, which will correct all self image problems. The real reason is…drum roll…focus.

The secret of life, the universe, and everything in between, can be known if one looks. But one has to know how to look, and be disciplined to see, and this is possible only through learning how to focus your attention. Guaranteed, you can do anything, be anything you want to be, if you just learn how to look…and see what you are looking at.

It doesn’t matter what you look at, you have to see it. Most people, when they try to look at something, are attention dispersed, and thus only see fragments of what is. Or, they are short attention span, which, again, stops them from really seeing what they are looking at.

But by learning and doing the martial arts, the real arts, and not just fighting for the sake of fighting, teaches them how to focus their attention,and keep it focused, and thus to actually see what they are looking at. It is this ability for a person to actually see what they are looking at that is at the heart of the martial arts, and which shines an actual light on the possible brilliant future for mankind. And this is the real reason why one should take Martial Arts Instruction.

You can actually see the martial arts, the true martial arts, at Monster Martial Arts.

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