Monster Newsletter #354–The Greatest Work Out You Can Have!

Happy Monday to All!
It’s the monday of the work out.
It’s the Monday you break through
and have the best work out of your life!

What is it that makes a work out so special?
I mean,
you just grunt and throw the weight around,
throw it inside your body if you’re an internal stylist,
so what’s the big deal?

The big deal is awareness.
Is a guy who lifts weights becoming aware?
Only in the smallest sense.
No offense.
It does take concentration and discipline,
and those are good,
but they don’t really explode the awareness.

Is a gal who does ballet becoming aware?
more so,
it is admitted,
but the awareness is one dimensional.
It does not extend to handling the incoming missiles
the forces and flows,
that combat initiates.

How about a boxer?
Even though he is handling punches,
he is not handling the full spectrum of motion,
and his training methods are too narrow.
there ain’t no enlightenment
in getting hit in the face.

the martial arts handle every possibility of motion,
the training methods cover the full spectrum of body motion,
and account for every potential angle of attack,
and there are strategies and philosophies
which make one think…
make one aware.

You are to be commended for being a superior human being,
and thank you for extending your awareness
to planet earth.

here’s the rather startling fact.
When you master the martial arts,
you know that it is you generating the motion.
Athletes of other disciplines do not get this.
It’s a simple…
‘I am.’
A martial artist knows this.
An athlete is working hard.
Joe Blow doesn’t have a clue.
Doesn’t even know that he is.
He talks about it…
‘I think therefore I am…’
but that is a justification,
an excuse,
it is not the reality
of knowing who you are.
Of knowing…
‘I am.’

Have you ever wondered why
at the beginning of class,
there are a couple of minutes of meditation?
Because the old guys have realized the ‘I am’ that they are,
and they want the youngsters to start cultivating that awareness
even before they start their training,
they know where the training is going,
and they wanted to jumpstart the process,
and get to the point of it all
as fast as possible.

Here’s a win…

About time! I was wondering when you were going to get around to matrixing yoga! I just downloaded it! I found your article on It’s time to work it!

Short, sweet, and simple.
A new attitude,
and why…
because yogata is directed at
‘I am.’
You do it before your work out.
You invest awareness in your body before you even start,
and then the fact of pushing awareness through the body,
and even outside the body
becomes easy.

You have to light a match,
before you cook on the stove.

If you have a problem stretching,
Yogata shows you the proper mindset
so you can relax into the stretch.
the ‘I am’ knows what to do,
it elongates the muscles,
without the damage
a thoughtless bounce/stretch might do.

If you have an injury,
awareness cures the injury.
Being ‘I am’
and extending that awareness
to the area and point of injury
cures the injury.

Got stress,
a jumpy mind,
twitchy reactions?
be the ‘I am,’
and the world suddenly becomes friendly and relaxed.

First you find the stillness of knowing who you are,
of knowing the truth of yourself,
then you use that truth,
to achieve stillness in motion.

And that is the secret
of the greatest workout
you will ever have.

turkey day is coming,
and I think it would be appropriate
if you killed your own turkey.
Just go out and buy a turkey and bring it home.
This next part is pretty easy,
so you can do it in your own living room.
Simply grab the turkey by the head,
and swing it until the neck snaps.
Then shave the turkey.
No need to do all that plucking,
just get your razor
and shave away.
use your wife’s little leg shaver.
She won’t mind.
got to make the innards into outards.
So reach up where the sun don’t shine,
grab a handful of whatever
and pull it out.
If you don’t want to get blood on the carpet,
just do it on the couch.
task completed,
so give your wife the bird
and say,
Then head to the store and get a little brewski.
A couple of hours of imbibing with the friends,
and you can head on home for a magnificent feast.
Shall we all give thanks now?
For blessings such as this newsletter?

You guys have a great work out,
and viva la turkey!


Here’s a blog I’ve been working on for the Yogata.
Got some work to do on it,
but it’s started.


Or, you could just head on over to Monster Martial Arts and find the book I’ve written on it.

I like to have a thing suggested rather than told in full. When every detail is given, the mind rests satisfied, and the imagination loses the desire to use its own wings.–Thomas Bailey Aldrich
I like to know the concept. When the concept is given the mind rests satisfied, and the imagination really uses its wings.–Al Case

Autumn’s the mellow time.–William Allingham
DoingMartial Arts creates a mellow time.–Al Case

Say what you have to say in the fewest possible words.–Arthur Bryant
You learn to say what you have to say in the fewest words possible if you study the martial arts.–Al Case

Send me your wins!

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