Win #34–True Potential Behind Learning How to Matrix Martial Arts

Here’s a great win about the true potential behind learning how to Matrix Martial Arts

Ever since I studied Al Case’s matrixing concept, my life has improved a thousandfold. At first I started to matrix martial arts. Since then, my understanding of all martial arts has improved so much to the point where I even began to really love it again. I mean I used to practice 1-3 times a week and still be able keep ‘on top of things’ but now I practice rigorously and research 7 days a week; sometimes 3 times a day – and that has been consistent for months now. I never thought I’d EVER do that. Ever. But why stop there? I then ‘matrixed’ my life in all of its intricacies. One small example: I found that certain ‘friends’ were never friends just by looking at a simple matrix of how many of them were productive. Happy. Intelligent to some degree. How many of them had similar if not identical ‘purposes’ to me. Etc. I realized that the new friends – brothers that I have now would actually take a bullet for me and vice versa. They would follow me to the depths of hell if need be and what’s better, if you had the chance to witness just ONE of our workouts you may think that they already have (if I wrote down ONE of the awesome abilities we’ve gained from intensely studying and teaching all of the
martial arts one would probably think we were either demon-possessed witches or superhuman animae characters). I’ve never felt so happy and alive in my entire life! And it’s all thanks to Al Case. So from all of us here at our dojo and our EAP team (Extreme Abilities Program) and our choreography/stunt team.

This win was from a fellow who writes, produces, acts, direct, stunts, and just about everything else. There is a magnitude of experience in learning to analyze the world from the Matrix viewpoint, and this guy has really tapped into a power that is possible for everyone, but realized by only a few.

If you want to see if a few doors might open in your mind, drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a Free Matrix Book.

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