Win #30–Pa Kua Chang Turns Out to Be Easy to Learn!

People always think that Pa Kua is difficult to learn, it is so mysterious and and you have to find a bagua master to learn from and…and if you break the thing into concepts, and teach the concepts, and let the student grow the techniques out of the art…well, it becomes easier and faster to learn.

Here’s a snippet from the course on pa kua, then we’ll get into the win…

Hi Al,
I received the course yesterday.  Thank you very much.  I started watching disc 1: Diagram boxing and so far I am impressed on how you explain the techniques in a simple easy to understand way.  I remember taking much longer to learning the circle walking in Pa Kua Chang.  I can’t wait for your Five Army Tai Chi and the Butterfly Pa kua Chang.  Thanks again.

It’s interesting, I get a lot of bushwah from people who claim to be ‘masters,’ but they have never taken the course. They have an opinion and no facts. Funny, because I respect them totally. Oh well, you’ve read the win, seen how easy my courses are to understand, and you make up your own mind as to whether Pa Kua Chang is easy to learn.

You can pick up a free ebook on my methods at Monster Martial Arts.

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