Win #24–Blinded by the Unknown Mystery of the Martial Arts!

Some of these early wins were from students undergoing pilot programs, enduring my first efforts to really codify the martial arts. I asked the guys how they felt about what they were doing, and they wrote the wins. Fortunately, I was past the major mistake phase of research, and I was mostly into arranging the data. Here’s one from Wiley.

What’s interesting about Al Case’s writings and teachings is there isn’t any emphasis on ‘the unknown’ or ‘mystery’ behind martial arts. Al will slam this information in your face! Quite frankly the data isn’t hidden, you’ll find you’re blind.

So I slam the data down his throat, eh? Heh. Not really, it’s just that when you uncover the simplicities of the martial arts, and the confusion resolves, its sort of like a flash of light in the eyes. Not necessarily comfortable, but welcome. Really, the martial arts today are like something taught by a plumber who has been taught to check his water pressure by snaking the kitchen faucet. Weird, but, works, sort of, but takes a long time, and…and then I step in and say this handle thing opens the flow, and how far you open it will control the amount of pressure. I know. It’s a terrible example. But it is terribly right.
So, here’s a link that will take you to a place that will give a free karate book.

Free Karate Book

Go there if you want to get a completely free karate book.
See ya.

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