Monster Newsletter #351–The Secret of Enlightenment! (first half–a tai chi win)

Great day in the morning!
Or even the afternoon.
Or evening.
The day is just great all day
you know the tune…
because you get to work out!

gonna give you the secret of the universe today.
But before I do,
here is one the coolest wins,
comes from Master Instructor Harry Hsu…

Hey here’s a cool win. I’m teaching this young girl Matrix Tai Chi… She was routed out of (her job) because (of her) heart, which has some kind of condition whereby it accelerates its beat for no reason at various times! Doctors say she shouldn’t do sports and should only walk for exercise. So I gave her ONE Tai Chi lesson so far, and I took her pulse before the lesson, throughout the lesson, and at the end of the lesson. I had to keep the lesson ultra-simple, but check this out!!!! –

10:41 AM: Beats-Per-Minute set at 82.

10:46: Demo’d on her arm the unbendable arm and then tried to collapse her elbow to no avail: 84 BPM.

11:09: Taught her the basic rise and fall arm movements (usually the 1st move in most versions of Tai Chi as you already know) and then the application of blocking someone’s two handed push by raising both arms and then pushing downward on the attacker with a full front stance shift: 90 BPM. told her that we have to stop if her BPM goes above 95.

11:28: Showed her a high block (closing the opponent’s punch) in a back stance and then leaned my whole body on her high block while telling her to ’empty’ herself as much as possible: 70 BPM!!!

11:54: Showed her Fair Lady (since the closing high block fed into this final app for the day): 70 BPM!!!!

12:05PM: Did a little bit of Push Hands with her (this had the most ‘action’ and ‘body movement’ done compared with the rest of the entire lesson): 85 BPM!

Pretty sweet shit old man!!!!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!

Numba Wan :0)

well done MI Harry!
I don’t have a page for Matrix Tai Chi,
but if you don’t have it and want it,
just email me and we’ll work something out.
I have to tell you,
the stuff Harry was doing
he was using Master Instructor tools,
that’s the course to look at.
that’s how he was making the Matrix Tai Chi work.
That’s how he makes any and all arts work.
Master Instructors,
they are gold.

that said,
I’ve been getting so many wins,
I decided to put them in my blog,

So if you go there
and subscribe to the blog
you’ll be getting ALL sorts of stuff,
and you won’t have to go look for it.

Okey doke,
let’s cut the chatter and give you the secret of the universe.

Sorry guys, had to put this in two parts. The blog right after this will have the actual secret of the universe…and it is a secret, and it is a mind stopper. Talk to you there.

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