Win #9 Another of Wiley’s Wins from The Old Master Instructor Course

Really, Wiley and the fellows were guinea pigs, and I am so glad it worked out well. After all, I was doing stuff that had never been done. Of course I’d already made more mistakes than a porcupine has quills, so I was due for some wins, right?

WILEY’S WIN…my perception and awareness of my own body from the feet, legs, arms, etc., have gone up tremendously. The attention to detail seems never ending when studying and teaching. The ability to catch each detail, at the right time, is an important item to grasp if you want your student to really get what you’re teaching them.

The interesting thing is that the devil is in the details, and this is where you lose a lot of students, they just don’t have the ability to take in all the details. The ability to look, to actually understand what you’re looking at, and to actually fit it into all the rest of the stuff…the good news is that once you understand you don’t have to think about it, and that’s where the intuition starts up.

You can find out more about being a bona fide master instructor at Monster Martial Arts.

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